Excellent turnout by the community tonight! A full Council Chambers + 75 additional downstairs in the lobby. Planning committee agreed to turn down the Norval quarry application. A great result for all. Thanks to all those that came out in support!

A copy of the Recommendation Report can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here.


Of the 1.8 million acres of protected Greenbelt land in Ontario, only 577 acres are in Brampton.

This is only 0.03206% of the total Greenbelt area

Relatively small & scarce, Brampton's Greenbelt area performs a critical ecological function. This area follows the Credit River watershed and its tributaries and wetlands, but is under stress from growing urban development. The Credit River is cold water fish habitat, a wildlife movement corridor, within a Provincially significant wetland. The Greenbelt around Norval is in close proximity to the growing urban areas of North West Brampton & Georgetown, and performs a significant ecological function. Locating a quarry in this area is not a good choice of sites.

The proposed aggregate extraction area is in close proximity to the historic Village of Norval, a recognised tourism area, and an existing community.