Our Provincial Greenbelt Plan subsidizes the Aggregate Industry.

The subject site was previously owned by one of the largest developers in the Greater Toronto Area.  After our Provincial Government implemented The Greenbelt Plan on December 14, 2004, the site became useless to a residential builder/developer.  The property was "flipped" to Brampton Brick Ltd. for exactly the same amount it was purchased for on June 30, 2003, which was $3,562,900.00 or roughly $40,000.00 per acre.  The developer simply cut his losses, as he would no longer be able to develop the site.

On August 18, 2006 Brampton Brick purchased the parcel of property known as the west half of lot 12, Concession 6, WHS, in the City of Brampton, Regional Municipality of Peel.  The subject property is located on the east side of Winston Churchill Blvd., approx. 1km north of Bovaird Drive and is roughly 86 acres in size.  The site is designated as Provincially Significant, under the Natural Heritage System of the Greenbelt Plan, 2005.  Ironically, aggregate extraction is a permitted use under The Greenbelt Plan.  It protects 1.8 million acres of significant land in Ontario and at the same time leaves the door open to have it dug up, ripped apart, and destroyed.

The property is bisected by a major tributary of the Credit River, and is part of a narrow wildlife corridor that is stressed by urban development.  A Provincially Significant wetland is located directly north of the proposed pit. The actual extraction site is only 23 acre and will be some 80 feet deep.  It is very unusual to have such a small extraction site, especially with the proximity to the Hamlet of Norval and to the urbanizing community of Northwest Brampton.

Brampton Brick Ltd. already operates a 265 acre shale quarry in Cheltenham, Ontario. More recently, they opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Farmersberg, Indiana, USA on June 23, 2009.  This site boasts a large 200 acre site (144 acres of quarrying and 56 acres of plant space) that has enough supply for 100 years.

On December 9, 2008, Brampton Brick Ltd. submitted a planning application to the City of Brampton to rezone their lands in order to permit the extraction of shale and associated industrial operations.

In August 2010, a complete ARA licence was submitted to the Ministry of Natural Resources. Brampton Brick initiated the 45 day consultation/objection period on November 4, 2010..  The City of Brampton has hired Peer Review consultants to analyse the quarry application for any gaps in Brampton Brick's reports. Updates on the City of Brampton's review of the quarry application are at the City of Brampton's website.